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China Moon Shrimp and Scallop Delight

China Moon Shrimp Fried Rice

China Moon Shrimp in Lobster Sauce

China Moon Restaurant Food Menu

Chinese Cuisine

medium spicy Medium Spicy (Can Be Adjusted To Your Taste)
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Spring Roll (2) $4.00
Egg Roll (2) $4.00
Vegetable Roll (2) $4.00
Spicy Szechuan Cabbage $4.75
Cold Noodles with Peanut Sauce $4.75
Shrimp Toast (4) $5.95
Fried or Steam Dumpling (6) $5.95
Fried Crabmeat Crispy (6)
Crabmeat and cream cheese wrapped in crepes and deep fried.
Roast Pork with Scallion $5.95
Barbecued Spare Ribs (4) $6.95
Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs $6.95
Chicken Curl
Minced chicken with celery, carrots wraped in lettuce.
Seafood Curl
Combination of minced seafood with celery, carrots wrapped in lettuce.
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Pint Quart
Wonton Soup $2.00 $3.75
Chicken Corn Soup $2.00 $3.75
Hot and Sour Soup spicy hot and sour soup $2.00 $3.75
Velvet Crab Soup
Crabmeat with fresh asparagus in delicate chicken broth.
$3.95 $7.25
Seafood Soup
Combination of seafood with green peas and mushrooms in a rich broth.
$3.95 $7.25
Tangy Seafood Soup spicy tangy seafood soup
Combination of seafood with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bean curd and eggs in spicy soup.
$3.95 $7.25
China Moon Soup
Chicken, shrimp, roast pork, wonton with vegetable mixed in chicken broth.
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Pint Quart
Vegetable Fried Rice $5.75 $10.00
Chicken or Roast Pork Fried Rice $6.00 $10.50
Shrimp or Beef Fried Rice China Moon Shrimp Fried Rice $6.50 $11.00
China Moon Fried Rice
Shrimp, chicken, and roast pork.
$7.00 $11.50
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Small Large
Vegetables Calypso China Moon Vegetable Calypso
Fresh mixed vegetables sauteed together in a brown sauce.
$6.50 $10.00
Broccoli Delight spicy broccoli delight
Fresh broccoli, Chinese lichen, water chestnuts & bamboo shoots sauteed in a spicy garlic sauce.
$6.50 $10.00
Stir-Fried String Beans spicy stir fried string beans China Moon Zesty Tofu
Stir-fried string beans in a spicy brown sauce.
$6.50 $10.00
Zesty To-Fu spicy zesty tofu
Fresh bean curd in a spicy brown sauce.
$6.50 $10.00
Hunan Bean Curd spicy hunan bean curd
Fried bean curd sauteed with broccoli, bamboo shoots and straw mushrooms mixed in a hot & spicy brown sauce.
$6.50 $10.00
Snow Peas Supreme
Fresh snow peas and water chestnuts sauteed in a white sauce.
$6.50 $10.00
Moo Shu Vegetables
Shredded cabbage, bamboo shoots, scallion and mushrooms sauteed together, served with hoisin sauce and 2 pancakes (small) / 4 pancakes (large).
$6.50 $10.00
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